2003 National Plant Engineering & Facilities Management Show

The 2003 Plant Engineering & Facilities Management Show is one of six events taking place during National Manufacturing Week, which also includes the National Design Engineering, National Enterprise IT, CleanTech 2003, National Industrial Automation, and Technology Transfer shows.

By Staff February 15, 2003
Buildings & grounds
Fluid handling
Large equipment
Maintenance software
Materials handling
Monday, March 3
Tuesday, March 4
Wednesday, March 5
Thursday, March 6
NMW at-a-glance

The 2003 Plant Engineering & Facilities Management Show is one of six events taking place during National Manufacturing Week, which also includes the National Design Engineering, National Enterprise IT, CleanTech 2003, National Industrial Automation, and Technology Transfer shows. The national forum provides the opportunity for buyers and sellers of products and services relating to every aspect of manufacturing to do business. Here’s what you can expect to see at the Plant Engineering Show.


Seven pavilions are contained within the show.

Buildings & grounds

Your physical plant needs constant attention, inside and out. See the very latest technology and solutions designed to make this critical maintenance task easier, faster, and more efficient.

Fluid handling

Whether you’re routing drinking water or dangerous chemicals, you’ll find all the latest technology in this pavilion. Technologies include the newest measurement and control systems and state-of-the-art equipment and containment products for leakproof, corrosion-resistant fluid transport, and waste removal.

Large equipment

This new pavilion showcases large equipment, such as air compressors, cranes, fork lifts, palletizers, and transportation vehicles, for the maintenance, repair, and operation of a plant facility.

Maintenance software

Here you’ll discover sophisticated workflow solutions to synchronize your entire operation and streamline your paperwork.

Materials handling

From storage and retrieval systems to shipping, tracking, and handling solutions, this pavilion holds the key to material movement, warehousing, and distribution solutions in the 21st century. Included is everything from conveyor systems, components, and services to palletizing equipment and wireless communications.


If your job involves keeping your coworkers safe and healthy, here’s where you’ll find the very latest products, services, and technologies needed to do so. This pavilion is a must-see for any maintenance or facilities engineer or anyone who needs to stay in compliance.


This is where you’ll find all the latest and greatest power tools, hand tools, and accessories.


There are several keynote events scheduled throughout the show.

Monday’s address features a panelist discussion titled “Securing our Homeland, Defending Our Nation.” Panelists include Vice Admiral Thomas J. Barrett, U.S. Coast Guard, and Fred P. Moosally, President, Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Surface Systems.

On Tuesday, Richard E. Dauch, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, American Axle & Manufacturing, speaks on “People, Productivity, & Economic Growth,” and Dick Morley headlines a panel of insiders asking the tough questions in regards to technology of business.

“Bringing Space Technology into the Commercial Sector” will be addressed on Wednesday by Frederick D. Gregory, Deputy Administrator, NASA.


The 2003 conference program at National Manufacturing Week consists of world-class content that will deliver the solutions you need to face the challenges of today’s market. This year, the expanded program was developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), AMR Research, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and the NMW Advisory Board, comprised of senior executives from leading manufacturers, industry experts, and innovative end-users.

The tracks offered are: Design Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Automation, Plant Engineering & Maintenance Management, Enterprise IT, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Executive Management, and Facilities Management.

Here are brief descriptions of the sessions scheduled for the Plant Engineering & Maintenance Management track:

Monday, March 3

10:15-11:30 a.m.

Title: Condition Monitoring — Panel I

Speakers: Dr. Meherwan P. Boyce, Chairman & CEO, The Boyce Consultancy Power Maintenance; Steven Kaercher, Detroit Edison Company

Abstact: This panel will present the latest techniques in condition monitoring of high-speed machinery. The following discussion will highlight problems with data accuracy and the use of various techniques, such as fuzzy logic for diagnostics.

1:00-2:15 p.m.

Condition Monitoring — Panel II

2:30-3:45 p.m.

Condition Monitoring — Panel III

Tuesday, March 4

10:15 a.m.-Noon

Special free session, North Hall, Rm N227A

Title: Navigating the Path to Maintenance Excellence

Speakers: Plant engineers and maintenance managers from the Foundation for Industrial Maintenance Excellence and the North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Awards

Abstract: In this free session, you’ll learn about the principles of organization and execution that will help you improve your maintenance operations as well as how to evaluate and measure your progress. Award winners provide ideas and insights for anyone wanting to improve maintenance performance.

10:15-11:30 a.m.

Title: Maintenance Risk Assessments: Current Trends, Impressions and Practices

Speakers: Bruce W. Main, Design Safety Engineering, Inc.; Dennis R. Cloutier, Cloutier Consulting Services

Abstract: Maintenance risk assessment has unique requirements and constraints. This presentation examines the constraints, presents data and results from a survey of maintenance safety and risk assessment, and discusses a risk assessment model developed to meet the special constraints of maintenance applications.

2:30-3:45 p.m.

Title: Motor Management Success Stories: Told by the Companies Themselves

Speaker: Raj Kumar, Director of Energy Engineering, Ralston Purina

Abstract: Energy represents more than 97 percent of total motor operating costs. In large industrial plants, such as steel plants, motor energy costs can well exceed $1 million annually. Corporations nationwide are improving operations and reducing their energy costs and downtime by increasing their investment in premium efficient motors and through innovative motor management practices. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, greater attention to motor system management can reduce motor energy costs by as much as 18 percent.

Wednesday, March 5

9:15-10:30 a.m.

Title: Best Machinery Purchasing — Panel I

Speaker: Patrick Harnetty, Eastman Chemical Company

Abstract: Integration of technical and commercial aspects, up-to-date pricing methodologies, spare parts philosophies, utilization of e-procurement, long-term service agreements, and contract negotiations.

10:45 a.m.-Noon

Best Machinery Purchasing — Panel II

1:30-2:45 p.m.

Title: The Path to Maintenance Cost Optimization — Forum I

Speaker: Ricky Smith, Executive Director, Maintenance Solutions, Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.

Abstract: This presentation will review industrial plant practices in the implementation of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). It should appeal to plant and facilities engineers, maintenance managers, and plant managers.

Thursday, March 6

9:15-10:30 a.m.

Title: The Path to Maintenance Cost Optimization — Forum II

Speakers: Ricky Smith, Executive Director, Maintenance Solutions, Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.; Jay Germain Jr., PCM Inc. (Moderator); Thomas Bankole, Slim Fast Foods; Fred W. Dew, PE, Director, Jacobs Services Technologies

Abstract: The discussion will focus on optimization of maintenance costs through organizational structure, planning, scheduling, data acquisition, and analysis and outsourcing.

10:45 a.m. -Noon

Title: The Path to Maintenance Cost Optimization — Forum III

1:30-2:45 p.m.

Title: What Is Lean Manufacturing and How Do We Make It Lean Maintenance?

Speaker: Lee A. Peters, Peters & Co.

Abstract: Lean Manufacturing revolutionizes our thinking for producing quality products. Industrial leaders imprint lean on the hearts and minds of our facilities. Explore the principles of Lean Manufacturing and learn to apply these principles to Facilities Engineering and Maintenance Management.

ProductsDigital multimeters

XR-Series digital multimeters feature an ergonomic holster with a functional Magne-Grip hanging strap and are designed for electronics test, field service, and industrial applications. Five models are available. Wavetek Meterman metermantesttools.com Booth 2212

Process instrumentation

The 789 ProcessMeter combines a digital multimeter and a loop calibrator in a single handheld tool. Features include a HART mode setting with a built-in 250-ohm resistor, increased battery performance with four AA batteries, 0-100% mA span check buttons to toggle from 4 to 20 mA, and an infrared I/O serial port compatible with FlukeView charting and analysis software. Fluke Corp. fluke.com Booth 2219

Docking station

Docking station is an automated instrument management system that performs a user-prescribed regimen of function testing, full calibration, data downloading, battery charging, and record keeping functions on single and multigas monitors. Plant facilities and multilocation companies are able to track logged instrument readings, maintenance routines, and calibration records in a centralized database for preventive maintenance interpretation. Industrial Scientific Corp. indsci.com Booth 2615

Infrared thermometry

PhotoTemp MX6 is an integrated infrared thermometer and digital camera allowing for noncontact temperature measurements while documenting with digital photographs. Temperature, locations, and date/time are superimposed on the images when viewed on a computer or in reports. Raytek Corp. raytek.com Booth 2332


Zinc-plated steel and stainless steel clamps are tamper resistant and have a low profile posture while maintaining a powerful constant seal, which will hold against pressure, vacuum, vibration, and fluctuations in temperature. Clamps do not damage hose/tubing materials. Oetiker, Inc. oetiker.com Booth 2430

Relay connectivity

Varioface PLC-V8L adapter is designed for the 14-mm relay with 6-A DPDT contacts, high inrush currents, and 10-A SPDT load currents. The adapter makes connecting relay interfaces to PLC and DCS output cards easy and quick using Controller System Cabling. Phoenix Contact Inc. phoenixcon.com Booth 4701

Condition monitoring

Ultrawave 170 can monitor acoustic vibration from bearings as well as contact and noncontact infrared temperature, RPM, audible noise, and a host of other parameters. The all-in-one predictive maintenance device offers versatility for today and expansion possibilities for tomorrow. SDT North America sdtnorthamerica.com Booth 1544


Finite Filter’s H-Series is the right solution for most compressed air/gas applications and can greatly improve systems. Housings are available with oil removal, particulate, and oil vapor removal elements. Parker Hannifin parker.com Booth 2507

Vibration analysis

National Remote Diagnostics is an internet-based tool that creates standardized reports to identify where problems reside by piece of equipment so maintenance professionals can immediately take the corrective steps to resolve the issues without worrying about the tedious analysis process. Vibration analysis information is available 24 hr a day, 7 days a week. National Electrical Carbon vbseries.com Booth 1429

Nitrogen generator

MAXIGAS nitrogen generator offers an innovative solution to nitrogen gas supply. A reliable source of nitrogen can be produced from existing compressed air supplies, eliminating the need for high-pressure cylinders or bulk cryogenic liquefied gas. domnick hunter domnickhunter.com Booth 2327

Surge suppressor

Surge3 is a solution for overvoltage protection of industrial electronics, allowing for simple yet effective installation to protect PLC, HMI/VCP (video control panel), PID controllers, industrial computers, variable speed drives, and vision systems. MOV and Diode are two technologies offered, both of which are interchangeable with a plug-in suppressor and common base mount. Cooper Bussmann bussmann.com Booth 1820

Access solutions

Lapeyre Stair manufactures alternating tread stairs that reduce risk of injury, improve labor productivity, and conserve expensive floor space. Product lines include original fixed stair, mobile stairs, crossover systems, and exit and intermediate platforms. Lapeyre Stair, Inc. lapeyrestair.com Booth 2542

Safety device

I-Zone area detection system utilizes infrared technology to sense pedestrians before they are in the door opening and prevents a door from beginning to close when a person enters the 7-ft safety zone. Each IR sensor looks out in front of both sides of the opening, and the infrared beams cross to form the safety zone. Rite-Hite Doors, Inc. rite-hite.com Booth 1605

Infrared camera

The ultra-compact ThermaCAM E2 is a smart infrared camera with real-time thermal imaging, temperature measurement, and JPEG image storage. The product is affordable and weighs less than 1.5 lb. FLIR Systems, Inc. flirthermography.com Booth 2319

Retrieval system

Hi-speed Router storage and retrieval system stores and retrieves palletized aluminum sheet stock and interfaces with a high-speed router. Pallets are automatically delivered to the router as needed, allowing for quick changeover and inventory management of materials. Webb-Stiles Co. webb-stiles.com Booth 1834


Lubrication tools bolster machine reliability by keeping valuable lubricants free from dirt, dust, sand, water, and other machine-damaging contaminants. The unique sealing system also works in reverse, preventing dangerous and costly oil spills. Oil Safe Systems, Companion Products, Inc. oilsafe.net Booth 2614

Tool storage

TRX4100SS 8-drawer chest and 12-drawer cabinet combination features stainless steel unibody shells, full-extension ball-bearing slides for complete tool access, and an angled Traxx cover lid design with embossed chest stiffener for increased strength. Drawer liners to hold and protect tools come standard. Waterloo Industries, Inc. waterlooindustries.com Booth 2227

Safety mat

An ergonomic presence-sensing safety mat is designed to reduce worker fatigue while guarding personnel against injury from hazardous machinery. Comfort Step mat enables workers to use the mat as a traditional safeguarding device, stopping dangerous machinery to change tools or parts, and is ideal for normal foot traffic in tough industrial environments, including ones where fluids may be present. Larco larcomfg.com Booth 2137

Pipe repair

STOP IT pipe repair system has been used to repair leaks in chemical plants, refineries, processing plants, manufacturing plants, municipal water and wastewater utilities, electric utilities, and in other applications. For operations where piping carries flammable, toxic, or corrosive products, the system provides a method to restore product flow in minutes and could stop an environmental contamination problem before it starts. Indumar Products, Inc. stopit.com Booth 2314


TriGuard gaskets are suited for positive sealing of aggressive fluid piping applications on fragile flanges or flanges with irregularities, where bolt torque and gasket compression stress must be limited. Gaskets are used for contamination and highly aggressive fluids, including chlorine. W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. gore.com/sealants Booth 2517

Metal distributor

Metal Supermarkets provides small quantities of all types of metal, cut to size, including hot roll, cold rolled, aluminum, stainless, and brass. Same-day pickup or fast delivery are available. Metal Supermarkets metalsupermarkets.com Booth 2434

Air dryers

Balston SMART Dryer membrane air dryers offer lower operating costs and better performance than both noncycling and cycling refrigerant air dryers and eliminate downtime and costly repairs resulting from dirty, wet compressed air supplies. Products provide dry compressed air at a guaranteed dewpoint of 35 F and flow rates up to 200 scfm. Parker Filtration balston.com Booth 2407

Electrical testing

Model 61-704 combines a 200-A clamp/multimeter, noncontact voltage tester, voltage tester with shaker, and harmonics tester in one easy-to-use tool. The versatile ergonomic clamp-style tester enables electricians to perform testing procedures that previously required four separate tools, resulting in improved cost efficiencies, a less cluttered tool bag, and enhanced on-the-job safety due to the tester meeting demanding CAT III standards. Ideal Industries, Inc. idealindustries.com Booth 2024


PNR America offers a complete line of industrial spray nozzles and accessories, including full, flat, spiral, and hollow cone hydraulic nozzles, air atomizers, tank wash, eductors, and spray dry. PNR America pnramerica.com Booth 2428

Maintenance management

Caver-Morehead Systems, Inc., is a computerized maintenance management system software developer and engineering firm that sells and services its software programs to contractual clients. Caver-Morehead Systems, Inc. caver-morehead.com Booth 1248

Shaft alignment

smartALIGN brings simplicity to shaft/coupling alignment by using smart navigation with a joystick and two keys, which eliminates the need for operators to memorize a sequence of keystroking. Onscreen help text guides the operator to the results for best corrective shimming and horizontal moves. Ludeca ludeca.com Booth 2432

Equipment maintenance

Alfa Laval features a comprehensive program of maintenance, repair, and spare parts for heat exchangers, separators, and sanitary flow equipment, including installation and startup, onsite troubleshooting and repair, maintenance agreements, parts management, and repair/exchange for major components. Alfa Laval alfalaval.com Booth 2427

Insulation tester

MEG10-01 is a useful addition to any maintenance regime and includes five selectable test voltages up to 10 kV, exclusive combination digital/analog display, storage and downloading, an integral timer, and automatic Polarization Index (PI) test. The tester is operated from either line or rechargeable battery power. Megger megger.com Booth 2529

Storage cabinets

ID Casework is a laminate-clad, industrial storage cabinet. These extra-deep cabinets are available in several configurations to meet storage needs. Stevens Industries Booth 2242

Wastewater evaporators

Wastesaver and SWE-II Sentry System can efficiently and economically reduce complex wastewater chemistries, utilizing an integrated PLC to control the process and maximizing volume reduction typically costing 2-6 cents/gal. Systems offer redundant safety sensors, three-stage mist elimination, level control, and options for auto drain, auto decant, and remote modem monitoring. Severn Trent Services-Samsco Booth 2419


DD 500 Tradesman is designed for craftsmen who work in wood and metal and features a rugged machine with a replaceable diamond sharpening wheel. The Drill Doctor, Professional Tool Manufacturing drilldr.com Booth 2836


Nergeco USA manufactures custom-made productivity doors specifically designed for a wide range of industries. Doors offer efficient climate control and reduced energy consumption, a soft-bottom edge for maximum safety, a tight seal to resist wind and insulate from surrounding environments, and vision panels capable of providing full-width visibility. Nergeco USA nergecousa.com Booth 2209

Industrial guide

Ameritech Industrial Purchasing guide is an industry-focused publication distributed to industrial purchasers, specifiers, and key decision makers. SBC Ameritech Booth 2036

Screwdriver blades

slipSTOP blades prevent the screwdriver from slipping out of the fastener’s recess thanks to a laser-cut pattern on the drive tip that creates a rough surface to bite into the screw recess. Chances of operator injuries are considerably reduced. Wera Tools, Inc. weratools.com Booth 2239

Screen door system

Bug Blocker overhead screen door system addresses security, ventilation, and pest control issues. Rasco Industries, Inc. bugblocker.com Booth 2408

Smoking shelter

Modular, fully enclosed Air-Flo shelters suit any site and economically accommodate staff and visitors year-round to eliminate concerns of nonsmokers, smokers, and management. Options include lighting, heating, air-conditioning, exhaust systems, benches, ash urns, and insulated panels for sun control. Duo-Gard Industries, Inc. duo-gard.com Booth 2241

Industrial control

A full line of radio controls ranging from 4, 6, and 8-button Protean control to the dual joystick J series radio for five-speed, eight-motion applications are available. Wireless technology incorporates the latest advancements in RF and microprocessor design and includes features such as watchdog error circuitry and output relay monitoring. Insul-8 Corp. insul-8.com Booth 1636

Maintenance software

Technicians can perform a multitude of tasks with work order systems utilizing a palm handheld computer. The maintenance department becomes mobile and paperless. TMA Systems tmasystems.com Booth 1327

Flow-through storage

Flow Cell is a modular rack and track unit used for flow-through storage for material handling workstations. It is ideal for assembly line picking and work-in-progress applications. Unex Manufacturing, Inc. unex.com Booth 2039


T&B XJG Rigid Conduit Expansion coupling is an innovative coupling that simplifies and speeds the job of installing expansion fittings in long runs of conduit. No disassembly is required during installation. Thomas & Betts Corp. tnb.com Booth 1422

Status indicator

Unistat LED Status Indicator is compact, attractive, and easy to install and offers four colors and four flash patterns from a single light source. Units are available in 24-Vac/dc and 120-Vac operating voltages. Federal Signal Corp. federalsignal-indust.com Booth 2330


Containment station Gator iDAC is an integrated dispensing and containment station for IBCs that captures and spots spills or leaks in its exclusive open-view sump. Unique design offers a 400-gal sump capacity and chemically resistant, Gator-Tuff polyethylene construction for a load bearing capacity of 8000 lb. Justrite Manufacturing Co. justritemfg.com Booth 2728

Surplus site

plcCenter.com buys and sells new and used surplus products to other electro-mechanical and industrial control companies to provide an affordable method for productivity elevation. Companies can save 50-80% purchasing surplus items. Speck Industrial Controls, Inc. plcCenter.com Booth 2037

Face shield

ClearVisor with Adflo system combines full eye and face protection with a slim, lightweight, powered air-purifying respirator. The face shield has exceptional clarity and a wide viewing area, while providing workers protection from high-impact hazards. Hornell, Inc. hornell.com Booth 2514

NMW at-a-glance

Exhibition Date & Location

March 3-6, 2003, McCormick Place Complex, Chicago, Illinois

Exhibition hours

March 3: 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

March 4: 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

March 5: 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

March 6: 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

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