2002 Planning Guide

PLANT ENGINEERING's online 2002 Planning Guide lists the lead article, major features, special reports and advertising sections appearing each month. Links to details of some upcoming feature articles are included.

By Plant Engineering Staff November 11, 2002
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  • Content details are updated as information becomes available. This calendar represents editorial plans as of the day of posting, and is subject to change at any time prior to publication. An appearance of an article on the calendar is not a gurantee of publication in that or any other issue.

    • 2002 Last update: 12/11/2001

      Issues Lead article Features Special report or advertising supplement
      January Exclusive PLANT ENGINEERING Salary Survey Heating with infrared
      How motor efficiencies affect system designs

      Reference file: Power measurement devices and how they work

      Manifolds simplify valve piping and wiring

      February National Plant Engineering Show Preview Motor control centers
      Reference file: Refrigerants

      Boiler water treatment

      Monitoring steam traps

      Conveyor noise

      Trips & Tricks winners

      Instrument calibration

      Ethernet and intranet

      March How to buy a lift truck Impedance testing
      Hose carriers

      Compressed air solutions

      Distributed control

      Reference file: Meters

      National Plant Engineering Show new product pocket guide
      Special report: Safety
      April Plant profile: AK Steel Rockport Works Workstation exhausts
      Reference file: Rotary joints

      Welding maintenance

      Noise control

      Plant automation

      May Compressor controls Electric power
      Storage and retrieval

      Lubricant additives

      Special advertising section: Internet
      June Project management software Monitoring bearings
      Pump reliability

      Reference file: Tools

      Epoxy coatings

      Special report: predictive maintenance technologies
      July Maintenance Tips & Tricks Reference file: fluorescent lighting

      Hydraulic bolting

      Special report: Safety
      August Electric power quality Gear boxes
      Reference file: Belt & chain tensioners

      Humidity control

      Hazardous materials

      Clamp-on ammeters

      Special report: Software
      September Valve positioners Motor protection
      Burner controls




      Reference file: Temperature controllers

      Data acquisition

      Special advertising section: CMMS/EAM
      October Instrument & control buses I & C buses

      Heat transfer fluids

      Steam traps

      Reference file: Compressed air accessories


      ASP update

      November PLANT ENGINEERING Product of the Year Finalists Special report: Safety
      December Data mining Compressor lubrication

      Material handling

      Reference file: Safety

      Special report: Contract maintenance