It's all about the products. They make your job simpler, your life more enjoyable, and your work more productive.

By By November 1, 2000

It’s all about the products.

They make your job simpler, your life more enjoyable, and your work more productive.

This year, we present 150 products that accomplish these goals-the finalists in our 13th annual “Product of the Year” contest.

To be a candidate for this competition, a product must have been made available for purchase between October 1, 1999, and September 30, 2000; be new to the world market; and be useful in the plant engineering function.

The Plant Engineering “Product of the Year Award” is a well-recognized, well-respected honor that has been bestowed upon more than 1000 products in the last 12 yr.

We need your input

Our panel of experts has narrowed the field to 150 finalists. Now it is your turn to vote. This year, we have revamped our voting format to give you more freedom to vote for the best products by category. The ballot next to p 52 will guide you through the voting experience. Simply write in the vote number for the product you think is the best in each of our 15 categories.

The product that receives the highest number of votes overall will be our Grand Award winner. The votes in each category will then be tallied to determine Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners. Awards will be presented at a black-tie reception during the National Plant Engineering Show 2001 (March 5-8, Chicago, IL; www.manufacturing week.com).

The categories

The product offerings are divided into 15 categories. The categories are: Electrical Power; Electric Motors, Drives, and Controls; Lighting; Construction, Buildings, and Grounds; Fluid Handling; Compressed Air; Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning; Power Transmission; Maintenance Tools and Equipment; Maintenance Products; Environment, Safety, and Health; Control Equipment; Instruments; Material Handling; and General and Maintenance Software.

Send in your ballot!

Ballots must be postmarked by December 15, 2000. All ballots received by this date are eligible for a prize drawing. Only original ballots will be accepted. Additional balloting and prize information are listed on p 52.