1999 Plant Engineering Salary Survey

Some 1,355 plant engineering personnel participated in our 1999 salary survey. Read highlights from the survey, such as how salaries correspond to education levels, plant size, years of experience, types of manufacturing employer, salaries by region and more.

By Plant Engineering Staff October 26, 2001

Plant Engineering – January 2000


Feature: 1999 Plant Engineering Salary Survey

Results reported in this survey are from 1,355 plant engineering personnel who are subscribers to PLANT ENGINEERING magazine and/or are members of the Association for Facilities Engineering. The survey was conducted by mail in 1999.

The survey was directed by Steven Langer, PhD, SPHR, president of Abbott, Langer & Associates, Inc., 548 First St., Crete, IL 60417. The firm may be reached at 708-672-4200, or visit their web site at www.abbott-langer.com .

The complete survey report comprises some 360 pp of salary information presented in hundreds of tables. To purchase the study, contact Abbott, Langer & Associates.

Average plant engineering salaries by…

  • Level of education

    • Size of plant (employees)

      • Years of plant engineering experience

        • Type of manufacturing employer

          • Type of nonmanufacturing employer

            • Region

              • Registration/certification

                • Size of plant (sq ft)