2018 Predictive Maintenance Study

2018 Predictive Maintenance Study: 5 key findings

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2018 Predictive Maintenance Study identified five important, high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today:

  1. Assets maintained with PdM: Predictive maintenance strategies or technologies are most commonly employed on electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, process equipment, and electrical utilities.
  2. Other maintenance strategies in use: In addition to predictive maintenance, 84% of facilities employ preventive maintenance strategies and 48% use run-to-failure practices.
  3. Predictive maintenance practices: The top predictive maintenance practices being used in manufacturing facilities are oil analysis, infrared thermal imaging, vibration testing, and motor testing.
  4. Conducting predictive maintenance: The majority of facilities conduct predictive maintenance practices with manual technician visual or predictive testing rounds using test instruments; 34% use a wireless condition-based monitoring strategy with sensors.
  5. Measuring return on investment: Maintenance costs, uptime, and risk reduction are among the top means of measuring return on investment of technology adoption.

Access the full 2018 Predictive Maintenance Report for additional findings.

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