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The recent 2000 National Plant Engineering MRO & Management Show in Chicago, IL, served as an introduction for a number of new products. Here is a sampling of some of the products making their debut at the show.


The recent 2000 National Plant Engineering MRO & Management Show in Chicago, IL, served as an introduction for a number of new products. Here is a sampling of some of the products making their debut at the show.

Grease extends motor life

Polyrex EM polyurea grease is specially formulated to extend bearing life, which is the primary reason for mechanical failure in industrial electric motors. The grease is now being used in the company's entire motor line, from 1/50-1500 hp. The grease extends lubrication life more than four times in tests up to 350 F. An additive resists washout, rust, and corrosion.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 371


Fiber glass enclosures come in large sizes

ControlTower large-size, fiber glass, NEMA enclosures help reduce cost as much as 60%, compared to metallic options. The enclosures for process control environments are UL-listed and can be NEMA Rated 1, 3, 3R, 12, or 4X. A variety of sizes are available.

Stahlin Fiberglass Enclosures

Circle 372


Communications cable replaces copper

FiberWire industrial optical fiber communications cable system supercedes copper wire and coaxial cable on the plant floor, and provides ease of use with lower overall cost than copper systems. The fiber withstands temperatures from -40-85 C while maintaining distance and bandwidth performance of 10 MHz at 1 km.

Lucent Technologies

Circle 373


Flowmeter works in slurries

Type 8045 Magmeter Series is used for dirty liquids or slurries having a conductivity >20

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Circle 374


Process system reduces life cycle costs

PumpSmart process system significantly reduces all the major portions of life cycle costs, including initial capital, installation, operating, and maintenance. The system uses a standard centrifugal pump, smart microprocessor controller, and proprietary pump control software. The microprocessor-based controller continually monitors and reacts to system and pump conditions and matches pump output to required system head.

Goulds Pumps, an ITT Industries Co.

Circle 375


Bearing extends service intervals

Explorer is an entirely new class of durable, spherical roller bearing that extends service intervals and reduces maintenance-related costs. It is dimensionally interchangeable with existing ISO-designed bearings, runs quieter, and consumes less power. The advanced design and optional sealing technology make it well suited for harsh environments.


Circle 376


Pneumatic actuators hold position

Rheonetic pneumatic, linear actuators provide cost-effective, rigid positioning and velocity control with a closed-loop capability for accurate and repeatable motion. Control is achieved using a patented Magneto-Rheological fluid, which has a property causing it to transition from a fluid state to a semi-solid state when a magnetic field is applied or varied.

Lord Corp.

Circle 377


Waste compactor works fast

Rotorpac's compaction arm rotates and compacts continuously, with no time wasted waiting for ram cycles. The unit gives a compaction ratio twice that of a standard, bin-type unit. When placed at the source of waste, it can save countless hours carrying loose material to outside containers. The machine automatically compacts into a large, heavy-gauge, polyethylene bag that retains both wet and dry waste.

KenBay Compaction Systems, Inc.

Circle 378


Bridge connects wide range of controllers

Model 8051 communications bridge solves the problem of linking a wide variety of building controllers and devices to BACnet systems. As a protocol translator, the bridge can accept communications input from fume hood controllers, VFDs, chillers, boiler controls, fire alarm panels, and PLCs.

Sierra Monitor Corp.

Circle 379


Inplant buildings meet codes

A line of 31/2-in., steel-framed, modular inplant buildings features improvements to comply with all three national building codes: BOCA, UBC, and SBC. Features of the line include load bearing steel framing that complies with structural code requirements, gypsum panels and 18-ga steel doors to eliminate combustibility issues, ADA-compliant lever door handles, and walls that provide space for code-compliant electrical boxes and devices.

Henges Manufacturing

Circle 380


Analyzer mounts on wall

Model 266 is a wall-mounted, infrared CO 2 gas analyzer contained in a water and dust-tight NEMA 4X enclosure with digital display readout. Ranges of 0-2000 ppm, 0-5000 ppm, 0-1%, 0-2%, 0-5%, 0-10%, and 0-20% are available. The sample gas is continuously drawn into the unit through a built-in air pump. A self-draining water trap and dust filter are included. The unit provides 0-5-Vdc and 4-20-mA outputs and two alarms.

CEA Instruments, Inc.

Circle 381


Safety light curtain handles electrostatics

Safety light curtain system consists of an ultracompact, electroless nickel-plated transmitter and receiver, controller, interconnecting cables, and adjustable mounting brackets. The unit features static dissipative lens material, dissipative cables, and stainless hardware. It has 0.8-in. resolution, 15-ft range, and protected heights from 8-48 in.

Scientific Technologies, Inc.

Circle 382


Plasma cutters work on conductive metals

Spectrum 2050 and Spectrum 3080 air plasma cutting and gouging systems handle stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and any conductive metal. The 2050 cuts metal up to 1-in. thick at 55-amp output when connected to a 12-kW power supply. The 3080 cuts steel up to 1-1/4-in. thick and aluminum up to 7/8-in. thick with an 80-amp output.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Circle 383


Tools light up work area

Pneumatic tools have built-in motor/ generators that power three incandescent bulbs. The tool illuminates the work area, eliminating the need for accessory lighting, batteries, or external power sources. The line includes a low-speed, 3/8-in. air drill; high-speed, 3/8-in. air drill with Jacobs multi-chuck; and heavy-duty die grinder for cleaning and polishing.

Sears Industrial Sales

Circle 384


Exhaust fan handles high temperatures

Tri-Stack, high temperature, roof exhaust fans are designed for furnace/ boiler exhaust and other high temperature applications up to 750 F with 3000-fpm exhaust velocity. Fan nozzles are constructed of steel, dampers are stainless steel, and built-in heat slingers protect the motor from heat. For added thermal protection, the fan is coated with high temperature paint.

Strobic Air Corp.

Circle 385


System improves weld quality

An orbital welding system featuring the M100 power supply streamlines the fluid system welding process, improves quality control, and achieves a low cost per weld. Features include Series 20 weld fixtures for one-step fit-up of short sanitary fittings, a tube facing tool which prevents damage or contamination of internal diameters, and an arc gap gauge to maintain weld quality.

Swagelok Co.

Circle 386


Freezer handles 32 drums

Energy-efficient refrigerator/freezer maintains a temperature of -15 F. Customized designs for inside or outside use hold 1-32, 55-gal. drums to meet customer requirements. Fork lift pockets and/or casters provide mobility.

Benko Products, Inc.

Circle 387


Lamps can be used in open fixtures

Plastic-coated, shatter-resistant metal halide lamps are designed to be safely used in open fixtures. The lenses on enclosed fixtures reduce light output up to 10%, which is often compounded over time by dirt buildup on the lens.

Shat-R-Shield, Inc.

Circle 388


Bearing grease resists chemicals

Type 3451 chemical-resistant, high-performance grease is an anti-friction bearing lubricant for applications requiring a wide temperature range under high speeds and heavy loads. It is used on chemical mixers, pumps, and other processing equipment. This NLGI #2 grease has a Dn value of approximately 200,000 and a service temperature range from -40-450 F.

Dow Corning Corp.

Circle 389


Fixture lights up dirty areas

Sealed and gasketed T5 fluorescent fixtures serve paint spray booths, clean rooms, and other wet/damp/dirty areas where a hazardous rated product is required. The Class I Div. 2 fixture uses energy efficient T5 technology for more light output at lower operating costs. The 28 and 54-W, high output configurations allow the fixture to be used for lighting small or large areas.

LDPI Lighting

Circle 390


Safety switch identifies blown fuses

Fusible safety switch is mechanically interlocked and incorporates a number of time-saving features, including visible, LED blown fuse indicators on the front panel; hinged access door to the fuse panel; and integral fuse puller/indicators. The product drastically reduces the time it takes to identify and replace a blown fuse. The compact design fits in I-beams.

Pass & Seymour/Legrand

Circle 391


Adhesive handles thermal shock

Tra-Bond 221H01 is a medium-to-low viscosity adhesive for applications requiring thermal shock properties. This two-part epoxy system provides superior mechanical properties, impact resistance, and overall toughness. It forms strong, durable bonds to ferrite, semi-porous materials, wood, metal, glass, leather, ceramic, rubber, concrete, and many plastics. Typical lap strength is 4200 psi.

Tra-Con, Inc.

Circle 392


Lip seal matches mechanical seal

Mechanical lip seal is designed for pumps in high viscosity applications and combines the versatility of mechanical packing and the performance of a mechanical seal. Three interchangeable PTFE sealing elements can be replaced or repaired onsite, extending the life of the seal, shortening downtime, and simplifying maintenance.

John Crane

Circle 393


Route encoder signals to multiple locations

An advanced digital encoder signal splitting device routes one encoder signal to multiple, isolated devices. Signal Splitter accepts A or B signals, alone or with their complements, and can output two isolated quadrature encoder signals, eliminating the expense and maintenance of two separate encoders. It accepts 5-30-Vdc encoder signals and provides two independent and isolated outputs of 5-30 Vdc, based on user-defined voltage levels.

NorthStar Technologies, Inc.

Circle 394


Video recorder/controller has large screen

VRX 180 is a large-screen, multipoint video recorder/controller that provides users with clarity and flexibility for data acquisition. It accurately monitors, records, and controls a variety of processes, while providing the operator with a vibrant color display on a 10.4-in. LCD. Major features include up to 48 analog inputs, 8 control loops, and 36 discrete I/Os.

Honeywell Sensing and Control

Circle 395


Pallet shredder creates wood chips

Pallet Muncher helps get rid of unsightly wooden pallet clutter at half the cost of traditional shredders. It reduces wooden pallets up to 48 in. X 54 in. to wood chips in a matter of minutes. Depending on size, up to 10 pallets/hr can be processed.

Advance Lifts, Inc.

Circle 396


Chain hoist has fingertip speed control

DK variable-speed chain hoists give operators precise, fingertip, infinitely variable control of lifting and lowering speeds, while providing shockless acceleration and decel-eration of loads. Two models are available with load capacities of 550 lb and 1100 lb. A load-halting device automatically prevents uncontrolled lowering if a malfunction occurs.

Mannesmann Dematic Corp.

Circle 397


Gearhead has high torque capacity

UltraTrue size 220 planetary gearhead is an inline unit with a torque capacity of over 48,000 in-lb. It features a backlash of 4 arc-minutes maximum, ratios from 4:1-100:1, and 75-mm output shaft for maximum torsional stiffness. The lubricated-for-life gearhead is maintenance-free. When replacing older gearheads, this unit provides higher torque and lower backlash.

Thomson Industries, Inc.

Circle 398


Flowmeter has removable sensors

FloSonex thermoplastic, PFA, ultrasonic, vortex flowmeters are capable of handling aggressive chemicals. The sensors are removable and mounted external to the flow body, allowing maintenance and repairs without tools and without shutting down flow. The 1/2-in. and 1-in. meters have an output signal of 4-20-mA and allow a flare type connection.

Asahi/America, Inc.

Circle 399


Heat exchanger ideal for viscous fluids

Kenics heat exchangers are equipped with streamlined static mixer elements to provide heat transfer rates 3-7 times greater than conventional empty tubes, even with highly viscous, difficult-to-process materials. The units require less space, energy, and time to process than other designs. Mixer technology offers the highest available heat transfer coefficients.

Chemineer, Inc.

Circle 400


Booster compressors reach high pressure

N Series booster compressors are reciprocating units that now reach 650 psig with a 100% duty cycle. The compressors are a convenient and economical way to boost existing plant pressure while eliminating the need for expensive high-pressure systems. The compressors come complete with TEFC motor starter, monitoring system, aftercooler, anti-vibration pads, and discharge hose.

Kaeser Compressors

Circle 401


Insulation uses safe fibers

Soluble fiber insulation Type Z-CAL/1800 and Type Z-MAG/2300 provide furnace operators all of the low mass thermal efficiency associated with ceramic fibers with non-RCF compositions. The insulation is made of fiber that exhibits chemistry described in EU regulations as "of man-made vitreous fiber with alkaline oxide and alkaline earth oxide content greater than 18% by weight." Test results show the insulation is not subject to EU classification as RCF.

Zircar Products, Inc.

Circle 402


Grease with ease

Model 1232 Power Luber is a 7.2-V, cordless/rechargeable grease gun that can dispense three 14-oz cartridges/ charging. Lubrication of hundreds of hard-to-reach fittings can be accomplished with its 5000-psi pressure delivery. A three-way loading system provides versatile refilling. A kit includes an 18-in. hose with spring guard, battery charger, and case.

Century Lincoln Service Equipment

Pentair, Inc.

Circle 403


Light fixtures resist harsh environments

FVS and eLLK fluorescent lighting fixtures handle tough environmental conditions involving dust, water, cor-rosives, and extreme temperatures. With a shatter-resistant nylon or polycarbonate lens, the fixture offers extra protection from sudden impact and ordinary mechanical abuse. An interlocked switch automatically cuts power to the lamp and ballast when the lens is opened.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Circle 404

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