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Drum lid

The hinged and lockable PIG latching drum lid is designed to facilitate access to and security of 5-, 8-, 10- and 16-gallon open-head steel drums. Suitable for applications where the drum is frequently opened and closed, it features a nitrile gasket and locking mechanism to seal the lid. The handle provides one-hand operation, and a lid-stop hinge keeps the lid upright when open. A removable hinge pin allows users to remove the lid without loosening the band around the drum.

New Pig Corp. :

Compact thermal imaging camera

The i5 compact infrared camera offers a lightweight design and can monitor and detect the thermal condition of electrical system components. It provides high-resolution images, delivering accuracy of 2% and thermal sensitivity of 0.18 F, complying with NETA testing requirements. Its QuickReport PC software facilitates downloading of standard JPEG images with radiometric data. Features include a focus-free lens and a 2.8-inch high-resolution LCD. It meets IP43 for resistance to dust and splash.

Extech Instruments Corp., a Flir co. :

Thermal imagers

The Ti 25 and Ti10 are designed for use in harsh environments and incorporate IR Fusion technology that integrates infrared and visible-light images. IP54-rated to withstand water and dust, the imagers feature a widescreen, full-color LCD and optimized thermal sensitivity. Temperature measurement ranges from -20 to 350 C for the Ti25; -20 to 250 C for the Ti10. Users can record voice comments with each image (with the Ti25 only). SmartView software is a standard feature.

Fluke Corp. :

Ultrasonic inspection system

The Ultraprobe 3000 ultrasonic detection system is designed to identify leaking valves in hydraulic systems and detect faulty bearings in motors, pumps and gears, among other applications. Equipped with a dynamic sensitivity range and a spin-and-click sensitivity dial, the digital instrument features 400 memory locations to hold data and a 16-segment bar graphic display panel to indicate sensitivity level, storage location, storage location number and battery level. Other features include scanning and stethoscope modules, noise-isolating headphones and a calibrated decibel readout.

UE Systems :

Infrared cameras

Featuring up to 2.3 megapixel resolution and equipped with LED illumination lamps, the i40, i50 and i60 thermal imaging cameras measure temperatures ranging from -4 to 662 F and offer thermal sensitivity of 0.1 C. The laser LocatIR pointer, available only on the i50 and i60 models, pinpoints the hot spot on the IR image with the actual physical target. Area mode shows the minimum or maximum temperature range within a selected area. Other features include a built-in visible light camera, Fusion picture-in-picture technology and an Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

Flir Systems Inc. :

Torque gun

The FLIP pneumatic torque gun features vibration-free operation and provides continuous rotation. It’s equipped with a folding stabilizer handle; one simple motion turns the handle into a reaction arm, providing stability when torqueing fasteners. Fasteners are pretorqued between 1,200 and 1,800 rpm. The unit has an ergonomic design with a low-noise level.

The Torque Gun Co., LLC :

Vibration analyzer

The Vibxpert EX is a two-channel, FFT data collector and signal analyzer is designed for monitoring and diagnosing machine conditions in the chemical and oil and gas industries. With a frequency range of 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz and a sampling rate of less than 131 kHz per channel, it offers multimode, data acquisition and balancing operating modes. The unit is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance, has an operating temperature range of -15 to 140 F and includes an illuminated LCD.

Ludeca Inc. :

Pneumatic wrench

The Raptor Series pneumatic torque wrench has a square drive that uses regulated pressure to tighten and loosen large nuts and bolts with a precise amount of torque. Its custom air motor features a fully ported design and is housed in a lightweight aluminum body casting that’s coated with chemical-resistant epoxy. The unit’s gearbox uses heat-treated, high-strength steels, and O-ring seals are used at all joints, including the output shaft. The wrench’s integral handle has an ergonomically designed grip.

TorcUP Inc. :

Infrared camera

The B250 infrared camera features 70 mK thermal sensitivity and humidity/dew point and insulation alarms. It comes with a 25-degree lens for normal views, with a 45-degree wide-angle lens and a 15-degree telephoto lens available as options. Its touchscreen interface lets users save text, sketches and markers to thermal images. The 1.3-megapixel visible light camera includes Fusion picture-in-picture technology, a standard video-out port, and a USB port to facilitate image download. Other features include auto and manual focus and a 2X digital zoom.

Flir Systems Inc. :

Laser shaft alignment system

The mid-range Fixturlaser GO laser alignment system uses wired connections between the display unit and the laser sensors, and it has dedicated horizontal and vertical shaft alignment routines. Standard features include a large-size detector, line lasers to facilitate acquisition and built-in inclinometers in both laser transmitter-decoders. The unit saves data locally and can connect to a computer for download via a USB connection. It’s powered by C-size batteries.

VibrAlign Inc. :

Foam cleaner for cooling towers

The TFC-100-60 features a continuous-duty air compressor to enhance expansion of cleaning solutions. Comprising chemical-resistant components, including the dolly, its platform accommodates a 5-gallon container of cleaner. A water hose connection is included to dilute cleaning solutions. The compressor outputs 60 psi at 1 cfm, producing output foaming volumes up to 20 gpm. Standard features include a diaphragm pump, a hose, a wand and tool holders. Custom wand extensions and nozzles are available.

Goodway Technologies Corp. :

Infrared camera

The T250 infrared camera features 80 mK thermal sensitivity. It comes with a 25-degree lens for normal views, with a 45-degree wide-angle lens and a 15-degree telephoto lens available as options. Its 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen interface lets users save text, sketches and markers to thermal images. The 1.3-megapixel camera includes Fusion picture-in-picture technology, a standard video-out port, and a USB port to facilitate image download. Other features include auto and manual focus and a 2X digital zoom.

Flir Systems Inc. :

Infrared camera

The GasFindIR HSX is designed for high-volume scanning and features High Sensitivity Mode image enhancement. Nine user-selectable integration modes, including normal scene, cold scene and hot scene, allow the camera to be optimized for the environment and climate in which gases are present. The camera includes a 25-millimeter wide-angle lens; 50- and 100-millimeter lenses are available. It’s powered by either an eight-hour Li-Ion battery or 12-V ac power. The camera is dust- and splash-resistant.

Flir Systems Inc. :


Form-A-Funnel is designed to capture, divert or contain hard-to-reach nuisance leaks and drips from machinery, equipment and vehicles. Also suitable for pouring applications, particularly in hard-to-reach or low-profile areas, it has a flexible, moldable lead interior that is fully coated with thick, pliable nitrile rubber. Resistant to most chemicals, it retains its shape until altered by the user. It’s suitable for use with oil, fuel, coolant, battery acid, brake fluid and other chemicals.

New Pig Corp. :

Infrared camera

The P660 infrared camera includes a 640 x 480 infrared detector that delivers less than 45 mK thermal sensitivity. Integrated dynamic details enhancement image processing technology enhances detail in images, and GPS technology records location information during survey. Voice annotation allows a voice clip of up to 30 seconds to be embedded with each image. A wireless LAN-based remote control and display can be used when imaging in hazardous environments. Other features include manual and auto focus, a high-resolution LCD and a laser locator.

Flir Systems Inc. :

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