2008 New Product Compendium: Motors, Drives and Motion Control

The following products were introduced in 2008, and participated in the Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards competition.


Descriptions were provided by vendor companies. For more information, visit the Website listed. To learn which products won the competition, and which received honorable mentions, visit www.controleng.com/awards . To jump to a specific category of products, click on the following links.


MCA 121 EtherNet/IP Option Card

Danfoss Drives

The MCA 121 is a powerful networking tool that enables Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive users to deploy standard Ethernet technology in manufacturing applications, while also enabling internet and enterprise activity.

The MCA 121 option card delivers connectivity to EtherNet/IP based networks via the Common Industry Protocol (CIP) protocol from ODVA. It can handle one EIP Class 1 connection with an Actual Packet Interval (API) of just 1 ms in both directions, positioning it as one of the highest performing EIP devices in the market. Users will also benefit from a built-in 2 port switch with diagnostic functions that enables traditional line network topology, while eliminating the need for complex cabling and expensive industrial Ethernet switches. Industrial operations are increasingly utilizing open Ethernet networks to manage their processes. The MCA 121 enables the Danfoss Drives VLT AutomationDrive to connect directly to an EtherNet/IP network, maximizing speed and performance beyond what is possible using a gateway. With the MCA 121 each drive simply acts as another node on the network, with full visibility and full speed connectivity. Traditional line network topology can significantly simplify cabling requirements and reduce hardware costs– The MCA 121 enables users to eliminate a number of Ethernet switches, at an approximate cost of $200 per switch. The MCA 121 EtherNet/IP Option Card also features a built-in web server and email client to deliver service notification.



AF-6 Series Drives

GE Consumer & Industrial

AF-6 Series Drives from

Things don’t have to be complicated to be complete, GE says, offering as proof, its new AF-6 Series Drives for applications up to 1,350 hp. So many features are already built-in like PLC controllers and RFI filters, customers may need fewer add-ons compared to other drives– lowering the total cost by up to $400 depending on the application needs, company says. Yet the user interface is so smooth and simple that set-up can take less than 5 minutes with features like the Quick Menu and Info Key that provide full text information to make programming easier. When needsrequire more than one drive, the hot pluggable keypad feature allows parameters to be copied to another drive almost instantly.

Since the launch GE says it has received great feedback from its distribution partner and panel builder customers and orders have been above expectations. GE believes that the new web tools that include an energy saving calculator help our customers proof the value of the new product line to their end customers. All in all, the AF-6 Series provides built-in features and built-in simplicity to save time and money.



ION 3000 Digital Drive

Performance Motion Devices Inc.

Ion Digital Drives are compact, fully enclosed modules that provide high performance motion control, network connectivity and power amplification.

The Ion 3000 is a compact module that provides network connectivity, power amplification and advanced motion control features in a rugged, easy to use enclosed package. The Ion 3000 is rated at 3000 Watts. Various Ion models are available to drive dc brush, brushless dc, and step motors. Ion 3000 enables our OEM design customers to select high performance, intelligent motion drives at a wider power range for automation applications. The system integration requirments of motion control continue to move toward intelligenct networked modules that offer faster design times when bringing complex and critical motion applications to market. The demands of integration, power, density, cost, and network connectivity are found in the Ion 3000 resulting in overall performance and design cost value, company says.



IndraControl MLC Integrated Motion Logic Control with Robotics

Bosch Rexroth - Electric Drives and Controls

High Performance PAC with Motion and Logic: OEMs get easier integration, networking, and processing of 15 microseconds per 1000 instructions with 64 axes of motion.

The IndraControl L65 PAC from Bosch Rexroth simplifies an OEM’s job by providing flexibility and reducing complexity of a machine. The motion and ladder logic are integrated which thereby reduces the need to add multiple components to a system. The same integration applies to all of the included networks. If one customer wants Profibus and another customer prefers Ethernet/IP, a small program change will address the customer’s request. The L65 can be programmed with Bosch Rexroth’s IndraWorks unified software program for seamless engineering. With real-time Ethernet onboard and built-in connectivity for networks SERCOS III, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, and Profibus, the L65 gives users the benefit of having one standard controller with flexible options to integrate into a variety of networks. Its fast processing speeds of 15 microseconds per 1000 instructions and the ability to do 64 axes of motion provides a significant technological advantage. The L65 also features unified programming software, scalable hardware, pre-developed functions, and reusable code. It has dozens of PLC open machine functions that are pre-programmed to IEC61131-3 standards and features 36 megabytes of program memory for extensive multitasking. The L65 PAC is ideal for general automation, printing, converting, packaging, machine tool and other industries.



Motion Controllers

Q170MCPU stand-alone motion controller

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

The new Q170MCPU from

The new Q170MCPU stand-alone motion controller has a built-in high-speed PLC (Processing speed LD command: 0.04μ‚ MOV command: 0.08 μ‚) and Motion CPU (1 to 16 axes of motion control with up to 0.44 ms for the operation cycle time), a 24 V dc power supply, and embedded ports for Ethernet, USB, and serial communication. In addition, the Q170MCPU has a built-in serial encoder interface module, an external encoder interface module, and high-speed registration inputs. The unit supports up to 512 digital I/O, along with analog I/O and network connectivity to systems for CC-Link, DeviceNet, and Profibus communication. Lowest total cost of ownership is achieved through the unit’s compact design, side-by- side mounting of MR-J3B servo drives (50W to 55kW), and the ability to operate rotary motors, linear motors, and fully closed loop systems, company says.

A quick-release servo connection style reduces wiring, panel space, and setup time. All parameters are instantly downloaded to the servo amplifier at power up, and servo axis tuning is quick and easy. Today’s end users require not only a powerful CPU to boost functionality and performance, but also a higher throughput for entire systems. The MR-MQ100 fits this need. It can be used for basic to advanced motion control functions, including high-speed external encoder mark registration and electronic CAM profiling for many industrial applications. The Q170MCPU takes motion control to a higher performance standard through the accuracy of the 50Mbps optical SSCNET III synchronous communication motion network.

It shares a common programming language with the Mitsubishi Q Series and iQ Series platforms, as well as future products, ensuring quick set-up modes, easy programming, and reduced start-up times.



MR-MQ100 single-axis / 1.5-axis stand-alone motion controller

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

The new MR-MQ100 is a high-speed, high-precision single-axis / 1.5-axis stand-alone motion controller for packaging, material handling, printing, rotary tables and many other industrial applications.

The MR-MQ100 1.5-axis motion controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is one of the most compact modules available on the market today, the company says. It connects to the Mitsubishi MR-J3B servos over SSCNET III, which is one of the world’s largest motion networks in terms of installed base. Lowest total cost of ownership is achieved through the unit’s compact design, side-by- side mounting of MR-J3B servo drives (50W to 55kW), and the ability to operate rotary motors, linear motors, and fully closed loop systems. A quick-release servo connection style reduces wiring, panel space, and setup time. All parameters are instantly downloaded to the servo amplifier at power up, and servo axis tuning is quick and easy. Today’s end users require a powerful CPU to boost functionality and performance and also a higher throughput for entire systems. The MR-MQ100 fits this need. It can be used for basic to advanced motion control functions, including high-speed external encoder mark registration and electronic CAM profiling for many industrial applications, company says. The MR-MQ100 shares a common programming language with the Mitsubishi Q Series and iQ Series platforms and the Q170MCPU, as well as future products, ensuring quick set-up modes, easy programming, and reduced start-up times.



Aries Controller

Parker's Electromechanical Automation Division

The Aries Controller combines the versatile and cost-effective Aries digital servo drive platform with the advanced control capabilities of the ACR servo controller.

Aries Controller is configured, tuned and programmed using Parker’s comprehensive ACRView software environment. The ACRView environment also supports Parker’s traditional analog multi-axis controls and drives and the Ethernet Powerlink motionbus system. This versatility now enables machine designers and end-users to take advantage of the high-performance ACR servo control for both single- and multi-axis projects without switching between or relearning different control languages and software environments. Benefits of the common control language and software include reduced time to market and lower overall motion system costs. Motion capabilities include absolute and relative motion, jogging, gearing and camming. A secondary encoder input is included for 1ker’s recently released ACR MotionCOMponents Tool Kit. The ACR MotionCOMponents Tool Kit is an extensive collection of components and controls to allow a software developer to quickly and easily build a custom user interface for PC-based motion control applications. The tools incorporate a full set of ACR function calls, enabling complete control of the Aries Controller from a PC program.



Motors, Motion Systems

LaserTurn 1

Aerotech Inc.

The AerotechLaserTurn 1 is an integrated linear-rotary motion subsystem that combines automated material handling with high performance direct-drive linear and rotary motion.

The LaserTurn 1 is a complete cylindrical laser processing system. It includes an automated, pneumatically actuated Type D collet closer. The collet closer has a clear aperture for product feed-through and can support tubing diameters from 0.1 mm to 7.9 mm in dry cutting applications, and up to 3 mm when configured for wet cutting operation. The collet closer is designed to minimize axial tube motion during clamping operations by keeping the collet stationary and moving the tapered mating surface during collet open/close operation. The LaserTurn 1 includes standard front and rear tooling platforms with M4 mounting features. The tooling platforms are bolted directly to the base of the linear stage providing a stiff, monolithic, common inertial frame of reference. Fixtures such as bushing alignment assemblies, part collection, or automated material advance functions can be attached easily. The LaserTurn 1 uses direct-drive noncontact motor and encoder technology for both the linear and rotary axes. Direct-drive motors exhibit significantly higher throughput and maintenance-free operation when compared to gear and screw-driven technologies. Linear and rotary encoders coupled directly to the load provide the highest level of system accuracy and repeatability over the operating lifetime of the stage.



8KS series motor

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

B&R's liquid-cooled three-phase synchronous motors (8KS series) feature high power density with compact outer dimensions.

B&R's liquid-cooled three-phase synchronous motors feature high power density with compact outer dimensions. This opens up new perspectives for the design of machines and systems. This extra level of freedom enables machine manufacturers to create efficient and economical solutions. Integrated water cooling enables more compact sizes and prevents the machine or the switching cabinet from overheating. Doing away with energy consuming and noisy fans saves space, reduces emissions and lowers costs. The life-span increases significantly because the motor parts except for bearings are free of wear. Intelligent connection technology for power and encoder connections using circular connectors or terminal boxes simplifies installation considerably. 8KS series motors are available in four sizes with a rated speed of 1,100 1/min to 2,200 1/min and a maximum speed of 4,500 to 10,000 1/min. The rated torque is between 8.3 Nm and 605 Nm. The motors can be controlled with Acopos or Acoposmulti servo drives.



Electric Monorail System


This intelligent Electric Monorail System (EMS) for overhead trolley systems saves floor space. It uses Movitrans contactless (inductive) energy transfer and wireless Ethernet.

SEW-Eurodrive announces North American availability of an intelligent Electric Monorail System (EMS) for overhead trolley systems. The flexible transport system saves expensive floor space. Load capacity can exceed 4 tons per car, depending on application requirements. Single and multi-axis vehicles are available. The system uses Movitrans contactless (inductive) energy transfer and wireless Ethernet for communications. Power, data, control, visualization and diagnostics signals are transported over an air gap. Absolute positioning is controlled by bar codes along the rails and bar code readers on the trolleys.


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