Plant Automation - System Integration

Digital enterprise captures all plant processes

Siemens Industry Automation CEO sees digital design and simulation key to manufacturing growth. » more

Reduce HVAC energy consumption with FHP and VFD operations

Air-cooled chillers can take up a lot of room while expending massive amounts of energy.... » more

“Real-time” information: It’s all relative

Data is captured at the industrial automation and machine level, the manufacturing operations... » more

Schneider Electric accelerates its transformation

Oil and gas, data center markets are core growth areas, says new North American CEO Laurent Vernerey » more

D-Link patches router bugs

New firmware is out for D-Link router models that have a vulnerability attackers could use to gain... » more

Moving from predictive maintenance to a condition-based program

Evaluate the equipment’s effectiveness by how it’s doing, not how old it is » more

Do you already have an app for that problem?

The diagnostics you need may already be built into your PLC software » more

Pre-configured software templates — are they effective?

Manufacturing Operations Management systems look to specific industry needs » more

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Computer gateways

The PLX30 gateways have 2 separate Ethernet ports that allow protocols to reside on separate subnets. » more

Right-angle servo gear reducers

AutomationDirect's SureGear line of precision servo gearboxes has expanded to include right-angle gear reducers. » more

Vertical storage and retrieval system

The Tower automated vertical storage and retrieval system can help save 75% of floor space with a high-density storage solution. » more

Industrial-strength single-board computer

The iPAC-9X25 industrial strength ARM embedded single-board computer is based on the Atmel AT91SAM9X25 Processor. » more

I/O module

The 750-658 I/O module by Wago links CAN field devices and provides a gateway between a CAN network and other fieldbuses (e.g., Ethernet or Profibus), leveraging the flexibility of the fieldbus. » more


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LaChance on CMMS Blog

Scalability: 4 tips for a successful multi-site...

Maintaining equipment and facilities across multiple sites can be... » more

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The art of motion control

Everyone talks about motion control as a way to... » more

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