Tuesday March 12, 2013
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Innovative energy management strategies help a Maine paper mill stay competitive
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Like much of the rest of Maine, the town of Rumford is well known for the beauty of its natural surroundings. But for more than a century Rumford in particular has also played host to one of the largest paper mills in the Northeast, churning out as much as 550,000 tons of paper and 125,000 tons of pulp annually.... Read More

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Study finds optimism among mid-sized manufacturers
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In its semi-annual Group Outlook Survey, manufacturing buying consortium Prime Advantage said its members are showing great optimism for growth in 2013 despite pressures over raw material and... Read More

Lift truck holds up its end – after 68 years
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How long is 68 years? It is the time span of 13 presidents—but just one lift truck. When J.A. Cunningham Equipment Inc. purchased a used Yale lift truck in 1966, the truck already had been in... Read More

Protect electronics from temperature spikes that can increase failure rate to 40%, preventing costly shutdowns and loss of production. Vortec Enclosure Coolers carry a 10 year warranty. Click here to learn more
Borrow now to invest, expand, economist says
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Based on the next four to five years of anticipated U.S. economic growth, Alan Beaulieu, president and economist with ITR Economics, provided a list of recommendations for technology... Read More

Emulation, beyond simulation, for motion control
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You need to increase capacity, so you’re adding a new line. Maybe you want to bring outsourcing inside, gear up for a new product launch, or rearrange your geographical footprint to lower... Read More

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The Rocky Relationship between Safety and Security
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Rotary screw air compressors
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The RS185 to RS260 oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors provide a more energy-efficient... Read More

Mobile portable compressor
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The M58 is designed to deliver 210 cfm at 100 psig for rental houses, construction, demolition,... Read More

Spring cotter pins for axial mounting
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The GN 1024 metric size steel or stainless steel spring cotter pins. The GN 1024 spring cotter... Read More

Precision limit switches
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AutomationDirect has added a line of high precision limit/position switches from Metrol. These... Read More

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