Wednesday, June 5, 2013
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'Go-to' strategies for energy management
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“Energy management” is a term that has a number of meanings, but I’m sure most folks are mainly concerned with the one that relates to saving energy in businesses, industrial environments, and public-sector or government organizations. When it comes to energy savings, energy management is the process of... Read More

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Assess your facility's energy upgrade potential
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Facility managers considering energy-efficiency upgrades don’t have to do their ROI calculations in a vacuum. There are plenty of resources available, including sources from utility companies and... Read More

Ask your utility about incentives
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Many states and local utilities offer incentives and rebates for facility equipment upgrades or custom expansion projects. While these incentives differ from utility to utility, most are based on the... Read More

Compressed air and steam leaks waste energy, waste money and negatively impact product quality. Learn how to find them and document your savings. Click here.
Seven tips to help combat counterfeits
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1. Buy authentic: The best way to avoid counterfeit electrical products is to purchase products from the manufacture’s authorized distributors or resellers. There is a higher risk of... Read More

HVLS fans deliver energy savings from the top down
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Dot Foods, the nation’s largest food redistributor, offers nearly 105,000 products from over 600 food industry manufacturers. Originally called Associated Dairy Products, the company was founded in... Read More

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Arc Flash University Session 1, 2013: Advancing The Practice Of Electrical Safety

After The Election: What's Next For Manufacturing?

Arc Flash University, Session 3: Infrared Windows and Infrared Inspection: Utilizing Infrared Windows to Mitigate Causes of Arc Flash

Maximize performance and simplify processes with Integrated Drive Systems<
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Digitizers with fully synchronous multi-channel acquisition
Digitizers with fully synchronous multi-channel acquisition

The LXI-based DN.649x series is offered from 24 to 48 fully synchronized channels... Read More

LED retrofit kit expanded
LED retrofit kit expanded

The Everline LED Retrofit Kit family has been expanded with the LED Linear Retrofit... Read More

Bearings with enhanced formulas for more applications
Bearings with enhanced formulas for more applications

The Solid Oil bearings have added enhanced formulas to benefit more applications and are... Read More

Self-regulating heating system for supply lines
Self-regulating heating system for supply lines

The EasyHeat In-Pipe Self-regulating Heating System is designed to provide economical,... Read More

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