Driving Electrical Safety in Your Plant

Exam for One (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH)

Air Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013

You must get 8 of 10 questions correct to pass the exam. You may retake the exam if necessary. You will be notified whether you passed or failed automatically after taking the exam. Upon passing the exam, you will be able to download the completion certificate immediately.

Exam: Driving Electrical Safety in Your Plant

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Exam Question 1 *

When buying PPE, what is considered a best practice?

Buying the same PPE for all employees
Matching the PPE to the job performed
Making employees wear PPE at all times in case they are called on for an emergency
Making employs buy their own PPE
Exam Question 2 *

Fire-retardant material in PPE:

Is a label required by NFPA 70E
Is only true of acrylic material
Is allowed to burn to a certain extend
Is a term no longer used in the NPFA 70E standard
Exam Question 3 *

Training documents:

Are acceptable to be downloaded from a vendor Website
Should always be site-specific
Do not need to take into account materials used in the plant: Arc flash is arc flash
Should only be a part of the plant’s training program
Exam Question 4 *

Arc flash calculations should take place:

As soon as is practical before buying the proper PPE
As soon as practical after buying the PPE
Should always be a first step, but buying proper PPE shouldn’t wait for an assessment
Have no impact on the purchase of PPE
Exam Question 5 *

True or false: Arc flash kills more workers each year than arc shock.

Exam Question 6 *

The specialty PPE required for arc flash includes:

Cleanroom gear
All of the above
Exam Question 7 *

Which of the following statements is true:

The safety manager’s assessment of the arc flash hazard should include all plant floor stakeholders
Assessing the arc flash hazard is the safety manager’s job alone
Assessing the arc flash hazard is the electrical engineer’s job alone
Assessing the arc flash hazard needs to involve only senior level plant staff
Exam Question 8 *

Generally speaking, an electrical safety audit should be done:

Every three months
Every six months
Every two years
Exam Question 9 *

The effects of a safety audit and a training program:

Identify training strengths and weaknesses
Improve safety compliance
Both A & B
Only A
Exam Question 10 *

True or false: GFCIs are only required at the wall outlets and not on extension cords or on tools.

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