CEU Exam: Unthrottle your profits

Tips for boosting pump efficiency, reliability and process control.

Question 1 *

What percentage of fossil fuel is lost to inefficiency?


Question 2 *

Which of the following is NOT a factor affecting pump performance?

Throttled valves
Maintenance practices
Oversized pumps
Seal leakage

Question 3 *

True or false: There is a direct link between excess energy use and lower reliability?


Question 4 *

Which of the following is a MYTH about VFD controls?

Low voltage VFDs and motors can be used in pumps up to 900 HP.
You seldom need to change piping.
The payback is about 5-10 years.

Question 5 *

What factors contribute to oversizing piping?

Overestimating system demand
Overestimating operational needs
Over-engineering the system
All of the above

Question 6 *

Integrating pump performance with process management leads to:

Better profits
Reduced maintenance costs
Increased energy efficiency
More efficient use of maintenance

Question 7 *

According to the presentation, which efficiency method has the GREATEST potential impact on energy savings?

Speed controls on throttle valves
Parallel systems for variable loads
Replacing pump with more efficient model
Replacing motor with more efficient model

Question 8 *

After energy, the highest lifecycle cost for a pump is:

The pump itself

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