Maintenance - Lean Maintenance

The other approach to Lean manufacturing

Using data analysis to find out what the dominant products within a facility are and the processes... » more

Finding the right engagement strategy

A Lean-minded board of directors can have an influential impact on the direction of an organization... » more

Three steps for developing a food manufacturing plan

A food manufacturing plan should include situation analysis, goals and objectives, and function and... » more

Six tips for reducing maintenance costs

Companies that are engaged in ongoing maintenance at an industrial facility should implement safe... » more

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, May 29 to June 4: Predictive or preventive maintenance, IIoT's potential, prescriptive maintenance, more

Articles about predictive vs. preventive maintenance, IIoT's potential, prescriptive maintenance,... » more

Lean manufacturing becoming Leaner

Lean manufacturing has changed the plant floor in many ways and the future promises everything will... » more

Three pillars to a reliability program

Moving toward proactive maintenance requires a foundational change. » more

The path to prescriptive maintenance

Three steps to drive reliability while preparing for IIoT. » more

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Automatic pressure calibrator series

The 729 series automatic pressure calibrator simplifies the calibration process by automatically generating precise test pressures. » more

Coating thickness tester

The CG206 coating thickness tester is designed to accelerate condition monitoring inspections of industrial storage equipment. » more

Coriolis mass flowmeter

The OPTIMASS 2000 S400 16-inch Coriolis mass flowmeter is ideal for bulk measurement of petroleum and oil, as well as syrup, molasses, and raw chemicals. » more

Process gas chromatograph

The PGC5009 fast process gas chromatograph offers simulated distillation analysis for optimized refinery process control. » more

Motion control stepper products

The integrated controller/drive and drive/stepper motor units save space and money, and simplify installation by combining multiple components into a single unit. » more


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Marshall on Maintenance Blog

Meshing process safety management with total...

A look at how organizations have adopted total productive maintenance... » more

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Lachance on CMMS Blog

Hacking scandals show value of cloud storage

Does your data need to be stored in the cloud?... » more

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My company's maintenance efforts are largely:
Reactive in nature (break-fix)
A combination of preventive and predictive
Predictive, moving toward more a analytical approach
A fully-automated IIoT-based maintenance structure

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