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chelo iniguez

Thursday, 20-06-13 05:57

It’s been floating around for some time now that OSHA will be updating references to consensus standards for certain types of safety signs this April 2013. Included among the provisions are plans for updating all future signs and, interestingly enough, a grandfather clause for the older signs. 


CE content manager adding discussion from news post

Thursday, 16-05-13 11:05

ESMOND , Non-US/Not Applicable, Singapore05/09/13 07:40 PM:

I don't see how the machine safety and PAC relation, mostly machine safety signal are using digital and with the specific design of the safety function, a simple safety PLC can do the work. It could be over kill if to PAC for safety purpose but of its part of the machine application. I do agree with you.

JB , GA, United States05/10/13 03:15 PM:

Esmond - you are correct in that there are small applications where a simple programmable safety relay or small safety PLC are a best fit perhaps creating a safety layer in the architecture. Whereas, larger applications could benefits via a safety PAC with safety modules for a safe drive, safe motion, safe wireless, etc. on a common backplane. All of these technologies could then be programmed with one software programming tool versus several.


Bekir Keles

Friday, 03-05-13 02:33

I think this will be really helpful for my study which will replace the existing hardwired system to integrated safety system.


Christian Kiki

Saturday, 12-01-13 13:29

Despite a rough machine translation, I understand your interesting article. Thank you for sharing.


JB Titus

Saturday, 10-11-12 09:04

Heinz - Thank you for your very accurate accounting of treatment by industry standards and engineering practice. What is your opinion about the very distinctly different human behavior issue? Do all lighted buttons light when the e-stop is actuated? Are some lighted e-stop buttons illuminated all the time during run mode to help distinguish the e-stop from other red buttons in a reduced lighting atmosphere? Are there any specifications regulating the above states for an illuminated e-stop button for absolute consistency? Having said all this, will human behavior be consistent so as to not degrade the level of risk for personnel? The human behavior issue is always a concern to standards writers. 

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